About Us

Burt Dean, owner and officer of Rebello’s Towing Services, Inc. had a 25 year career as owner and officer of First Charter Properties, Inc., with property management certifications including Real Estate Broker, CPM, CCAM, and NAHP. During those years as a fee managing agent for HUD Low to Moderate Income multifamily properties, he elected to use the “Judicial” form of enforcement of parking rules and regulations, rather than the “Self-Help” form allowed by the UCC (Uniform Commercial Codes) approved January 1, 1965 and revised July 1, 2001 in California.

Frankly, Mr. Dean did not believe the industry standards were high enough to service his properties professionally, nor would he subject his residents to the typical towing abuses prevalent in those years. After retirement in his early 50’s, Mr. Dean and his wife purchased a small tow company in 1994, called Rebello’s, from Joe Rebello, who had built the business since 1955 with hard work and an excellent record.

The Dean’s launched their unique business concept for providing a professional
towing service for property managers


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provides the ultimate in Private Property Towing.

  • Agents earn wages, not commissions
  • No Property Manager wants to tow their residents
  • Tow company needs to place the needs of the property manager ahead of their own business needs.
  • Respect the vehicles, and the vehicle owners, as if they are your customer.
  • Rebello’s is the professional, and as any professional, they need to be responsible for all errors.
  • “Advantage to the public” means, if in doubt, it goes back free.

With a background in property management the Dean’s began marketing Private Property Towing in the manner, and with the high standards, they believed were desirable as a Service to Property Managers. Private Property Towing laws have become increasingly technical, and Property Managers needed to depend on a professional relationship wherein the service provider understands their housing industry. Mr. Dean has continued to participate in the towing industry by serving multiple terms on the CTTA (California Tow Truck Association) Legislative Committee and personally participated in developing the new laws of 2007, CVC 22658. Being on the cutting edge of new legislation allows him the opportunity to train company staff on the highest standards. No property, under contract with Rebello’s Towing Services, Inc., has ever received a fine or citation.

Rebello’s Towing Services, Inc. has all the permits, and licenses needed; they have a City Business License, and a Special Use Permit to perform private property towing services which allows them to perform DMV Lien Sales legally so no vehicle owner can sue the property manager for illegally towing, storing, or disposing of their vehicle.

That Special Use Permit includes an ADA Health Permit for services for the public and handicapped person; no one should have the ability to sue the property or property manager for contracting with service providers not in compliance with health and safety regulations, licensing, and insurance. Running a Certified Small Business in California requires a collaborative effort for protection of the public, and the customer, from unintended, and unforeseen consequences.